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About San Francisco Ghost Tours

The façade of high society hides a seedy and frightening side of San Francisco that only shows at the edges of this city.

Our tour visits 8 or 12 of the supernatural hotspots that hold fascinating stories. Our standard tour takes around an hour to complete and will have you be at the very spots where our terrible stories happened. The Extended tour adds an additional 30 mins and another 4 haunting stories that take you deeper into the haunted history of San Francisco.

In San Francisco, the scent of death lingers after the fog clears, and the history of this city is intertwined with destruction lurking beneath the surface. The fire that followed the earthquake of 1904 burned much of the early history of this city. One location that was partially saved is the Pacific-Union Club, bought from Silver Baron James C. Flood after the earthquakes, they considered tearing down the stone shell, which was all that had survived the fires. Instead, they rebuilt the inside, even importing more of the New England Brownstone the exterior had been built with. Their unofficial mantra is reportedly ‘no women, no Democrats, no reporters’. Who knows what lurks inside now.

The rest of the city is perhaps the polar opposite of that club, one of the country’s hubs for diversity and innovation, San Francisco’s cheery reputation is earned, but you don’t have to scratch much before the can touch a creepy eeriness that breaks just out of view.

Our San Francisco Ghost Tour Digs Deep

As you walk through some of the most affluent areas of the country, you will learn more about the historical buildings and sights the city has to offer. The haunted sites include the luxurious Fairmont Hotel, The Huntingdon Mansion and several other haunted and historical locations.

Our knowledgeable, local ghost tour guides will take you through the dramatic and unbelievable true stories that make up this city’s most compelling supernatural encounters, including the ancient evil spirits, and the alleged victim of one of the most famous silent film stars.

Accidental suicide, murder, natural disaster, and dashed dreams all add up to some of the most compelling and strange stories from the Golden City you will ever hear.

Experience San Francisco’s Terrifying Past

Despite San Francisco’s reputation for prosperity and innovation, do not be surprised if your tour changes how you view the city. Each location is guaranteed to make you think twice about turning off your lights at night.

From the cursed monument in Union Square to the Huntington Mansion, which stood in the current Huntington Park, the mansion was built by the man who pioneered the Central Pacific Railroad, the first engine to ride the CPR rails was named after him. His magnificent house was reduced to rubble, and the wealthy residents were queueing for soup and blankets with everyone else.

San Francisco Ghost Tours Offers Something for Everyone

Whether you are interested in San Francisco history or you are simply looking to connect with a different plane, San Francisco Ghost Tours offers a detailed look at a bygone era of the American West Coast that includes more than a little terror.

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San Francisco as a whole is practically rules neutral, but even the freewheelin’ City by the Bay has some commonsense ground rules.

  • Remain calm.

    Don’t lose your cool, even if you are surprised by something you can’t explain. Grab your phone and try to snap a pic!

  • Be polite.

    Behave as if your grandparents were on the tour, even if they are old hippies, be polite!

  • Do not provoke the spirits.

    You don’t like being poked, and they don’t like being poked, don’t poke the ghosts.

  • Stay together.

    Karl the fog can get pretty thick, but despite this, we haven’t lost any guests yet, thanks for staying together!

  • Watch your step.

    The hills, AND the fog can be a tricky combination, stay alert, and keep your feet on solid ground.

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