Walk the streets with us on a LIVE ghost tour.

Each week, we’ll feature a live ghost tour with one of our tour guides in two cities!

In light of COVID-19, we decided to feature live video ghost tours through the streets of over 20 cities. Then, we loved the idea of allowing everyone anywhere to take a ghost tour without traveling, and decided to make this a normal part of our offering.

Please see the list of cities and dates below. Showings will be held in the evening (typically 7pm in the local time zone), but please reference details in the booking information at checkout and in your email confirmation. Tickets are $15 per viewer.

We also have on demand shows at $13 per viewing which can be found here and watched anytime!


Boston Ghosts - Boston, MA BOOK NOW
Civil War Ghosts - Gettysburg, PA BOOK NOW
Colonial Ghosts - Williamsburg, VA BOOK NOW
DC Ghosts - Washington D.C. BOOK NOW
NOLA Ghosts - New Orleans, LA BOOK NOW
NYC Ghosts - New York City, NY BOOK NOW
Windy City Ghosts - Chicago, IL BOOK NOW


09/01Tuesday7:00 pmESTBoston BOOK NOW
09/08Tuesday7:00 pmMDTDenver BOOK NOW
09/12Saturday7:00 pmCDTNew Orleans BOOK NOW
09/15Tuesday7:00 pmESTDC BOOK NOW
09/19Saturday7:00 pmESTAsheville BOOK NOW
09/22Tuesday7:00 pmPSTSan Francisco BOOK NOW
09/26Saturday6:00 pmCDTNashville BOOK NOW
09/29Tuesday7:00 pmPSTLos Angeles BOOK NOW
10/03Saturday7:00 pmESTGettysburg BOOK NOW
10/06Tuesday7:00 pmESTDC BOOK NOW
10/09Friday7:00 pmESTNYC BOOK NOW
10/10Saturday7:00 pmESTWilliamsburg BOOK NOW
10/13Tuesday7:00 pmESTGettysburg BOOK NOW
10/17Saturday7:00 pmPSTLos Angeles BOOK NOW
10/20Tuesday7:00 pmCDTChicago BOOK NOW
10/23Friday7:00 pmESTAsheville BOOK NOW
10/24Saturday7:00 pmCDTNew Orleans BOOK NOW
10/27Tuesday7:00 pmESTBoston BOOK NOW
10/30Friday7:00 pmESTDC BOOK NOW



I really enjoyed the virtual ghost tour.  It was something new and turned out to be really enjoyable.  Our tour guide, Charles Preacher, knew a lot about D.C. and that made it even more interesting.  I’m definitely going to do this again.


My family thoroughly enjoyed your virtual ghost tour of Boston.. Our guide Lily was very engaging and personable, it felt like we were really there! This option is a great alternative to traveling and being there in-person. It dates’s clear that the spooky stories you share are authentic and we enjoyed learning about the local history too. Thanks for a great time and we look forward to checking out the other cities you tour.


Incredible knowledge of history of NYC. Excellent delivery.